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Real-time underwriting

The Efficient Insurer

Real-Time is the ultimate efficiency tool for Insurers. Cut policy administration costs in half while delivering all processes in Real-Time to Brokers. You have to see to believe it.

Real-Time Advantages for Insurers

Real-Time is much more than just instant fulfillment of policy processes.

Automated Underwriting

Automating the drudgery of manual underwriting is essential for the next generation of insurer. Eliminate errors while dramatically increasing efficiency.

Profitable Partnerships

The best way to drive growth through the broker channel is to make it easy for brokers to do business with you. There is no better way to do that than Real-Time.

Cross Sell / Upsell

The Real-Time platform presents an entire array of all coverages in ways that you would have to see to imagine. Brokers have more time to explain coverages, helping customers make better decisions.

Speed to Market

Bring more products to market faster. The Real-Time platform gives you the ultimate in control and flexibility. All products are immediately enabled for Real-Time.

Lower Loss Ratios

Insurers often give up on products that are profitable because of their expense to underwrite (E.g. small commercial, farm). The Real-Time platform removes the expense and improves your bottom line.

Invest a Little – Get a Lot

The Real-Time platform is SaaS that is paid for through a small transaction fee on new and renewal policies. With such a small investment and so much to gain, why not give it a try?

About Real-Time Insurance

Real-Time insurance is a culmination of insurer and broker experience and frustration. An enabling technology to drive the broker distribution channel forward for the benefit of insurance customers everywhere.