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The WAIT is over

The most anticipated advancement in insurance

Quote, Issue, Change, Requote/Renew, in Real-Time!

Real-Time insurance is personal

More Time For People

The broker distribution channel has many advantages and people is one of them. Real-Time gives insurance advisors time to really understand the highly complex insurance requirements of each client. Time to work on relationships and time to sell. Insurance should be about people not paperwork.

Real-Time also gives you tools to offer the best solutions. From complete coverage solutions to pre-filling applications with all the information necessary through readily available and custom API.

Clients will appreciate the amazing service and get comfort in knowing that their insurance advisor has their back.

Real-Time insurance is cooperation

Benefits Entire Insurance Ecosystem

Real-Time is a cooperative effort that benefits brokers, insurers, reinsurers and most of all customers. Insurance is a complex business that takes many stakeholders to deliver insurance solutions to customers. It is no wonder why Real-Time in insurance has been so elusive.

Real-Time adopters will benefit from lower costs and increased responsiveness. Over worked staff will now have the time to spend with customers and customers will enjoy spending less time with insurance and more time with things they really like.

Connected in Real-Time

Every activity from quote, issue, change and requote/renew is done is Real-Time. The Real-Time platform enables every insurer to offer their products in Real-Time and every broker becomes an insurtech.

Happy Customers

Customers want more, with expectations molded through service from other industries. With Real-Time your customers will love you and the service they get. Meet with customers where they are and never go into the office again.

Cut Costs

Over 70% of industry distribution costs are for compensation. Almost 50% of those distribution costs can be reduced through automation and platform technology. Enabling Real-Time cuts costs of insurers and brokers.

Real-Time New Opportunities

The rate of large losses due to climate change is increasing exponentially. A platform where information can be shared in Real-Time between all stakeholders in the insurance value chain can be vital to mitigating these risks. New solutions including facilitating the spread of risk and de-risking are now possible.

The question isn’t why get Real-Time, it’s why not?

About Real-Time Insurance

Real-Time insurance is a culmination of insurer and broker experience and frustration. An enabling technology to drive the broker distribution channel forward for the benefit of insurance customers everywhere.